Help the Made Group supply PPE to critical sectors

By Made Medical
schedule16th Apr 20

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen many sectors struggle in a time of need, including critical sectors such as health and care. One of the major issues due to the nature of the crisis is the shortage of PPE and face masks for key workers. Help the Made in Group deliver what is vital for key service people to carry out their jobs. 

With a network of over 500 manufacturing members across the Midlands and Yorkshire region, The Made in Group is taking this opportunity to join the fight in providing critical equipment for organisations such as the NHS. 

The Made in Group, created to challenge the erosion of British Industry, are looking for members who can supply or manufacture PPE to deliver to those who need it most. However, if possible, manufacturers are also welcome to donate this PPE. 

Made Medical was created to showcase, not only,  the amazing work manufacturers are doing to help this bid, but also the medical and care sector. The Made in Group prides itself on promoting positive manufacturing news and creating a community within the manufacturing sector, two objectives that may be considered vital during these unprecedented times. 

This initiative has already seen manufacturers get involved, The Made in Group has commissioned 5,000 visors from a local Midland’s manufacturer who carry out injection moulding work. These critical pieces of equipment will be donated to local NHS and Care trusts and delivered by volunteers from the Made in Group team next week. 

Talking about how this idea came about and the recent purchase of face visors, Jason Pitt, CEO of the Made in Group said:

“It is important that the UK can manufacture PPE in Britain, due to current circumstances and disruptions in the Industry. Especially during these difficult times, it is more important than ever to unite British industry and prove the sector's strength.  

We have made this purchase to remove the bottleneck for manufacturers wanting to get involved in helping the fight against COVID-19. But also, to ensure vital equipment is delivered quickly.” 

Can you help us? Email [email protected] to get involved.